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Grease Management Program

Hood Boss is committed to helping our customers manage their kitchen exhaust systems between services. We have a highly knowledgeable team on call to answer your questions and help guide you in managing your system. As your service provider, we are typically only on site at your facility 4-12 times per year, depending on the frequency of your system. That leaves 353 days in the year that our clients must keep an eye on their system between services. Managing your kitchen exhaust system between cleanings is an easy process, but it must be done on a regular basis to help prevent issues caused by grease accumulation.
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Communication & Monitoring

Hood Boss recommends implementing a daily preventative maintenance plan for the cleaning of Grease filters, Lower & Upper filter track, and drip cups. These areas of the system by far collect the most grease between services and present the biggest risk of fire. By implementing these preventative maintenance items, you are engaging your staff to inspect the accumulation in the system each day and report in heavy accumulation they may notice. Grease accumulation ultimately is what dictates the frequency in which your Kitchen Exhaust System should be serviced. NFPA 96 provides us with the code that states grease accumulation of 1/8” or more in any area of the system requires immediate cleaning. If your staff reports seeing heavier than normal accumulation of grease, communicate with your Hood Boss Account Manager to assess the build-up and see if the frequency of service needs to be changed.
Communication and Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance

Understanding this accumulation and early signs of how it will spread can also help prevent costly repairs and damage to your facility. Over the years in dealing with our clients’ facilities, we have developed an understanding of grease and how it acts in your system. The Hood Boss team knows the difference between “airborne grease” and “excess rain” accumulation. By understanding these differences, we can recommend solutions that help protect your facility and potentially save thousands of dollars in costly repairs.


Hood Boss performs all repairs and preventative maintenance for your Kitchen Exhaust System in house. That makes us one of the few companies in the USA that can say they are a full-service exhaust system service provider. We can take on any of the tasks such as install Hinge KitsAccess Panels, and Roof Top Protection Systems and even service the larger items such as Exhaust Fan or Make Up Air Repair. If something goes wrong with your system, Hood Boss can help resolve the problem.

Fire Suppression

The same great leadership and professionalism that you experience with Hood Boss went into creating Boss Fire Protection. We took our fundamental values coupled with talented professionals with decades of experience and created a fire suppression service company. Our customers can benefit from our automated inspection report and photo documentation that has set a new industry standard. We do this by providing transparent and understandable service reports that build trust with our clients and helps them manage their system properly between inspections.

Resource to Our Customers

As founder of RFG (Restaurant Facilities Group), we understand that just because we do not provide the service does not mean we cannot be a good TEAM member and help solve our customer problems through our relationships. RFG has become our quick and easy way to help our customers solve solutions in their facilities. We developed a network and website of individuals that hold each other accountable to each other’s clients. It has taken years to develop these relationships, but each member has bought into the same mentality of wanting to provide a resource to our customer base. When called upon, we each provide the highest level of service possible to that client in need because there is a lot more than just one service on the line.