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Same Day Photo Documentation

Just about every reputable company in the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industry now provide their customers with before and after pictures of the service provided. However, the time in which they get them from their provider and the form in which they are delivered can leave something more to be desired. Speaking with hundreds of restaurant managers over the years, two of the biggest complaints they had with their Vent Hood Cleaning Service Provider was the time and manner in which they were provided their ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the service performed. This led Hood Boss to developing our own Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Photo App for our technicians to use during each service. The app is designed so that our technicians collect the same required photos of each service to keep reporting consistent, and to deliver those photos in a way that makes our service understandable and transparent to our clients. Every time we perform a kitchen exhaust system inspection or vent hood cleaning in San Antonio, TX or one of our other service areas, Hood Boss has the latest technology that allows us to outperform our competition, by reaching inaccessible areas in your system to provide the most comprehensive hood cleaning in a hotel-driven market like San Antonio, TX or corporate-driven market like Austin, TX. The link to the photos for the location are stored in a client portal for our customers to review. This provides the customer with a running history of service for their facility or facilities. Each morning after service these pictures are reviewed by our Operations and Account Managers to ensure quality of work then published for the customers review. This allows our customers to review the results within 24 hours of the work having been performed.

The Hood Boss™ Customer Portal Pages

Tegras Hood Cleaning Technology

Hood Boss is constantly looking for and developing new ways to help streamline our service to create a better customer experience. Tegras is one of the ways we are doing just that. The Tegras Hood Cleaning System allows for us to ensure a thorough cleaning of exhaust systems with extensive horizontal duct runs. The Tegras Machine comes equipped with a Pneumatically Operated Duct Brush, Video Camera, Video Monitor, Pressure Washer, and Foamer. This allows for Hood Boss to reduce the amount of time to clean an exhaust system while making the service less invasive to the customer. Hood Boss also has the technology to surpass other service providers, reaching inaccessible areas to provide the most comprehensive hood cleaning in San Antonio, TX.

The Tegras™ Kitchen Exhaust
Cleaning System

Hot Water Pressure Machines

Hood Boss provides our technicians with the best technology on the market to make their jobs easier and the service they provide better. Hot Water pressure washers are an important element we add to our process. Hot Water Pressure Washers allow for us to remove grease from Kitchen exhaust systems easier and reduce the amount of time it takes to clean. Troublesome areas such as the lower and upper track of the Vent Hood and the trough of the exhaust fan, are no match to the burner systems we use. Ensure your service providers are using a hot water system to clean your hoods.

Electronic Invoicing

Within 24 hours, following each service, Hood Boss sends out an email containing your invoice for the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service along with a link to the pictures from the service which are stored on our website. This allows for quick review of the work performed and provides you with the invoice to process through the proper internal channels.