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Hinge Kit Installation

During the exhaust cleaning service your Up-Blast fan has to be tilted back in order to access the vertical duct of the system. If the exhaust fan is not equipped with a hinge kit, the fan has to be lifted off the duct curbing and laid to the side on the roof top. The fan is made of a pliable spun aluminum that is easily damaged. Over time continued service can cause damage to the fan, causing it to be replaced. At Hood Boss we highly recommend that code* is followed and a hinge kit is installed to protect your equipment. There are different types of hinge kits that can be installed at different prices to fit any budget.

Quick-Fit Econo Super Hinge

The patented Quick Fit Econo Super Hinge™ provides access to rooftop up-blast exhaust fans and is perfect for the smaller fans on the market. Designed specifically for smaller up-blast exhaust  fans with a total weight of less than 25 pounds. The Econo Super Hinge™ features the Quick Fit mounting system that allows users to install this version while the fan is still running. Hinged up-blast exhaust fans are required for commercial exhaust systems to be NFPA 96 compliant. The NFPA 96 requirements state the following code for hinging compliance:

Omni® Quick-Fit Econo Hinge

The Super Hinge

The Super Hinge™ Service Hold Open Retention System is patented and built into all variations of the Super Hinge™ Fan Hinge System. The Quick Fit Econo Super Hinge™ is manufactured with the same durable materials as our Super Hinge™ and made at the same factory in the USA.
Omni® Super Hinge

Omni® Super Hinge

Easy Clean Wastewater Hinge

Omni Containment Systems brings you the next generation of hinging and fan cleaning waste-water management in one application, the Quick-Fit EZ Clean Super Hinge™. By combining our patented Super Hinge™ technology with a new Jason Wellman inspired pivot system, Omni has created a hinge that is not only fully NFPA 96 compliant with hinge and service hold-open retention codes, but also resolves on the roof wastewater issues. When coupled with our industry leading Grease Gutter™, Roof Guardian™, Grease Box™, or EFI-360™, you and your customer now have a guaranteed rooftop protection systems (even during cleanings).

Omni® Easy Clean Wastewater Hinge

*Stated in NFPA 96 Code – Approved up-blast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weatherproof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.