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Account Management Approach


Hood Boss feels that our clients understanding of the functioning of the system and how/why we are addressing issues is very important to our long-term relationship with our clients. Our Staff and Technicians are trained to walk the client through the steps that are being taken and educate them on how the system works and the importance of communication between services of specific items. Hood Boss remains dedicated to performing all services in accordance with NFPA 196 standards.


We strive to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both Hood Boss and our clients. We have found that the only way to do this successfully is to be transparent and address things as they happen openly and honestly. By doing this, trust is built and our clients understand that we are going to take care of their needs with integrity.

All Hood Boss onsite service teams include a dedicated Account Manager


The Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industry has always been an industry that has been viewed as a service that has to be done but that no one wants to get done. This is probably due to our industry being behind the times when it comes to customer service, technology, and regulation.

Hood Boss is setting a new standard in our industry by providing an exceptional service at a competitive price.

When Hood Boss was founded, our focus was to prevent unmanaged growth within our organization. We stay committed to growing our management staff as we grow our client base. We have a dedicated team that is on standby to answer questions or concerns and we continue to invest in technology to help streamline our clients’ experience.

Hood Boss Account Managers understand Customer Service is key.

Knowledgable in Third Party Management Software

Hood Boss Presently works in several Third Party Management Systems. Hood Boss currently operates in the following programs listed below.

Corrigo Workflow Management

Verisae Equipment Maintenance

Service Channel Facility Management

iPayables Accounting Automation