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Access Panels

Duct Access Panels

Many restaurant owners are unaware of the dangers that lie above the ceiling tiles in their kitchens. Restaurants with horizontal ducts must have adequate access* to remove the grease accumulation that occurs from the cooking process. Hood Boss technicians are trained to install access panels and clean these areas to remove the accumulation as part of your Grease Management Program. If these areas do exist Hood Boss will draw a system diagram outlining where the access panels are needed and the cost associated with the service.

Omni Access Armor Duct Access Panel

Fan Access Panels

Exhaust fan access panels play a crucial role in keeping your commercial kitchen ventilation system properly cleaned and maintained, which is why they are required by NFPA 96. Exhaust fan clean out access panels help you access concealed and hard to reach areas of your fan. The are between most fan bowls and the fan housing leave limited space for a technician to get a pressure washer gun in to clean the fan blades thoroughly. This causes the fan blades in most cases to be unevenly cleaned which can throw the fan off balance and cause damage to the fan bearings.
Installing Fan Access Panels

Installing Fan Access Panels

*Stated in NFPA 96 Code – On Horizontal ducts, at least one 20 inches by 20 inches opening shall be provided for personnel entry. – Where an opening of this size is not possible, openings large enough to permit thorough cleaning shall be provided at 12 ft intervals.