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Grease Baffle Filters

Grease filters are designed to remove grease particles from the exhaust hoods in a kitchen air stream. There are many different types of exhaust filters for your Restaurant Vent Hood and different levels of efficiency in which they extract grease before that grease enters your exhaust system. It is important to understand their differences and which Grease Baffle filter is the right fit for your facilities exhaust system, as well as understanding the importance of maintenance between services and how to measure these filters when its time to remove them from service and replace them with new filters

Filter Composition

Filters are made with many different types of materials. Some have been banned to use with systems and some have reactions to the type of cleaner used during the Vent Hood Cleaning process. Below is a list of materials used for grease exhaust systems and some key items to note with each.

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Metal Mesh Baffle filters

NFPA 96 has restricted metal baffle filters from being the primary portion of a grease extractor used with systems that produce grease laden vapors

Mesh Filters

Mesh Filters

Grease lock filters are sometimes used as a secondary filter to metal baffle filters to help extract grease from the exhaust system before entering the vent hood. These can ultimately reduce the overall cleanings needed per year. However, they are cost effective in some systems and not in others. ROI’s can be produced by Hood Boss Account Managers to show you how they would work in your system

Aluminum Filters

Aluminum Baffle Filters

Mid Range filter that is more commonly used in restaurant hood systems. They are durable but do tend to discolor over time when exposed to the degreaser from the hood cleaning process

Galvanized Baffle Filters

Galvanized Baffle Filters

Priced on the lowest end and less durable. Galvanized filters are not recommended for long term use. They are very pliable and discolor immediately when exposed to degreaser from the kitchen exhaust cleaning process

Stainless Steel Filters

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Best option for restaurant hood filtration when it comes to durability. This filter holds up well and is easier to clean and maintain over time. It does typically run $15-$20 more per filter than aluminum baffles but well worth the money.

Filter Efficiency

There are several different levels of efficiency when it comes to baffle filters in your exhaust system. Its important to discuss which is the best fit with your kitchen exhaust cleaning provider or your HVAC company. From time to time replacing standard baffle filters with high efficiency filters can cause the air balance in the restaurants kitchen to be off balance.

Standard Baffle Filter

Standard Baffle Filter

The standard baffle filter typically extracts 30-40% of grease laden vapors before they enter the exhaust system.

High Efficiency Filters

High Efficiency Baffle Filter

There are many different types of High Efficiency baffle filters and most extract between 70-90% of grease laden vapors before they enter the vent hood system.

Spark Arrest Filters

Spark Arrestor Baffle Filters

Spark Arrestors are primarily used in wood burning exhaust hood systems. They were designed to capture embers that are produced in the wood burning application and keep them from reaching the duct system and roof top. It is code that these are used in all Wood Burning Kitchen Exhaust System Applications.

Stated in NFPA 96 Code

6.1.2 – Listed grease filters shall be tested in accordance with UL 1046.