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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation and Repair in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a restaurant owner or manager is for their exhaust fan or return air fan to go down in their restaurant, and it always seems to happen in the peak of your lunch or dinner rush. If you have had this happen to you before, then you know that typically the response time for an HVAC company to make it out on site is 3-4 hours or even longer.

Fast, reliable, and reasonably priced repair when you need it now.

Unfortunately, these HVAC companies have multiple services that they offer that require set schedules to accommodate their customer base. This prevents them from being able to drop everything and head over to handle a simple exhaust fan malfunction. Hood Boss has added emergency fan repair and maintenance to our umbrella of services to be able to provide complete ownership of the Kitchen Exhaust and Make Up Air Systems in our customer’s facilities. We have trained technicians that are on standby to jump on your emergency needs. We also can take on your preventative maintenance items, such as belt changes, bearing lubrication, and return air filter change.

Services for Kitchen Exhaust & Return Air Fans

Our goal is to be a full-service provider to our customers for all their Kitchen Exhaust System needs. If a problem arises with your exhaust or return air system Hood Boss can handle it.

New installations are a breeze

Hood Boss can also replace or install new commercial kitchen exhaust fans at your facility. Our years of experience cleaning and repairing rooftop exhaust fans provides us with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to exhaust loads specific to each facility’s needs (CFM), the most efficient rooftop placement, the most reliable types and brands and much more. Of course there are many factors to be considered when installing a new commercial kitchen exhaust fan:
These are just some of the things to consider when a new fan is added to your system, but don’t be overwhelmed by the scope of the project. Hood Boss is expert at not only managing the entire process, but also in making sure the client understands and is comfortable with the work being done. After all, we’re here to help your business operate smoothly and efficiently while also ensuring your safety and compliance.

Hood Boss will install the correct exhaust fan and filter system for your facility's needs.