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How to select a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

       Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Kitchen Exhaust System is one of the most important services provided for your facility, and it is often the most overlooked as well.  Maintaining your exhaust system not only prolongs the life of your system, but more importantly it ensures that […]

Don’t be Shut Down by a Restaurant Fire

I recently came across an article published by Society Insurance called, “Identify and Eliminate Restaurant Fires” that I wanted to share. It covers steps on how to help identify and eliminate restaurant fires. It’s worth the quick read if you are involved in the management of equipment or maintenance procedures […]

How to Maintain your Kitchen Exhaust System between Cleanings

As a restaurant manager,  there are a lot of maintenance programs that you monitor on a weekly basis. None should be more important than the maintenance of your exhaust system. Setting up proper maintenance of your exhaust system between services helps reduce the risk of fire in your facility, and […]