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Commercial Kitchen K Class Fire Extinguisher (Video)

A Class K fire extinguisher is used on fires involving cooking media (fats, grease, and oils) in commercial cooking sites such as restaurants. Saponification takes place when alkaline mixtures, such as potassium acetate, potassium citrate, or potassium carbonate, are applied to burning cooking oil or fat.

Introduction to Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Video)

We wanted to put together a video showing how the fire suppression operates in you commercial cooking facility and what to look for in your inspections that are performed every six months. We hope this helps educate your staff. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call […]

Commercial Kitchen ABC Fire Extinguisher (Video)

They use monoammonium phosphate which is a dry chemical that is able to quickly put out the fire. It is a pale-yellow powder that is able to put out all three classes of fire – Class A for trash, wood and paper, Class B for liquids and gases, and Class […]