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A Word About Solid Fuel Cooking – Mitigating Old Hazards in New Kitchens.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Solid fuel cooking is becoming a staple in many kitchens across the nation. Whether it be a wood burning pizza oven, a smoker pit, or even a charcoal fired grill; there are certain hazards that are inherent to this cooking style. In this article by Alex Garrote (a restaurant fire […]

   Importance of a Preventative Maintenance Program for Solid Fuel Cooking Equipment

Cooking with solid fuel such as mesquite, charcoal and other hardwood adds another dimension to restaurant offerings. Wood fired ovens, smoker pits, and wood burning /charcoal grills allow restaurants a wider array of flavor and cooking capabilities. Solid fuel appliances also have the potential for increased safety risks. Restaurants that […]

Importance of Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust System Baffle Filters Between Services

Importance of Cleaning Baffle Filters in Between Services Hood Filters or Baffle Filters in your kitchen exhaust system serve three important functions in your exhaust system. Understanding these functions and setting up a maintenance plan to help assure that they work properly will help to increase the efficiency of your […]

Importance of a Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection

As a former restaurant manager, I relied on my Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner to help manage and maintain my exhaust system.  Making sure a restaurant is within NFPA 96 code and safe from potential fire, are two paramount responsibilities of any exhaust cleaning company. Like most front of house managers, I […]

Don’t be Shut Down by a Restaurant Fire

I recently came across an article published by Society Insurance called, “Identify and Eliminate Restaurant Fires” that I wanted to share. It covers steps on how to help identify and eliminate restaurant fires. It’s worth the quick read if you are involved in the management of equipment or maintenance procedures […]

When to Clean your Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Although most hood cleaning companies have their customer’s best interest in mind, they are not in the kitchen on a day to day basis. Grease accumulation within the exhaust system is best monitored by the restaurant staff between cleanings. Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Companies initially set up the frequency of the […]