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Roof Top Maintenance

For most of us, the rooftops of our restaurants are not a normal part of our preopening or closing walk through. In fact, a trip to the roof often means something is wrong: i.e. a leak in the roof, an A/C unit not working, or the exhaust fan making a […]

Vetting Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The equipment on your restaurant’s rooftop works together like a well-coordinated orchestra. If any piece of equipment is misplaced or not functioning correctly, it can significantly impact your systems’ efficiency, leading to increased maintenance and higher energy bills. Although you might not spend much time on the rooftop as […]

When was the last time you went up on your roof?

When was the last time you went up on your roof? If you have to stop and think, maybe it’s time for a little rooftop adventure. Your kitchen might be your favorite place, all well-organized and running smoothly, but don’t forget to check out what’s happening above, because it could […]

Evaluating the Cause of Grease Build Up on Your Roof Top

There is a common misunderstanding between kitchen exhaust cleaning service providers and facility managers regarding grease build up on their roof tops. Most restaurant or Facility Managers feel that if there is grease on their roof top then there must be a deficiency in the work being performed by their […]